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P Block or P Block Collective is a fictional animal liberation group virtually created on friendship networks to infiltrate Boston activist community.

The first of many false internet identities appeared late last year on Myspace as pretrial dates were getting underway. The "P Block Collective" [1] began making friend requests to several Boston-area BADL members and other affiliated folks. They also, in an attempt to seemingly legitimize the profile, friended numerous organizations and support groups. This was done to give the illusion that the "P Block" was a legitimate group of activists who advocate for animal liberation. Initially, they claimed they were based out of Somerville MA. but this was changed to read "Boston" on the page around 2007 May. Right away, many observant folks noticed that there were some alarming things being done by whomever was "behind" this group. They completely disregarded security culture and posted boasting claims about their "actions" in their blogs and spoke of clandestine meetings with so- called "comrades in Vermont". Then, suspicion really ramped up when they sent a "representative" to the Boston anarchist consulta back in February. The very odd behavior of this individual prompted many to see him as an undercover agent of sorts. The next day, a defense of said person was posted on the P Block Myspace blog, yet this "representative" was never heard from again.

What happened next provided us with possibly the most damning information and proof about the true identities behind this group.

In late April and early May, 2 profiles popped up on the popular Boston message board "Lemmingtrail". One by the name of "Keegs" [2] who claims to be 20 year-old UMass Lowell student and one by the name of WesleyJ [3] of P Block fame! Presumably, posting on and monitoring this message board would allow the BPD to access info on events going down in the city as well as social events (like basement shows) that many people happen to attend. "WesleyJ" mainly posts about things relevant to P Block, but "Keegs" often engaged in some of the "lighter fare" board discussion, attempting to legitimize himself as a poster to the board. Now, here's the problem - apparently the BPD did not realize or care that this message board happens to log IP addresses of all posters... nor did they make any attempts at anonymizing the IP's that they posted from.

As many people know, IP addresses are traceable and with enough work, can even be traced back to the specific location the person is posting from. Both "Keegs" (who also has a myspace account: and "WesleyJ" post from IP address When traced, this IP belongs to the City of Boston and is part of a network utilized by the BPD. It can not possibly be a "residential" location. Only city officials, police etc. would be using computers on this network. Not only does this show that "Keegs" and "WesleyJ" are one in the same poster, but are most likely a member of the BPD. These two usernames also post from another IP: which when traced, is owned by RCN (an internet service provider) and is located in Hyde Park, MA. Upon further investigation, we learned that detective Andrew P. Creed appears to live in Hyde Park.The person using Det Creed's name is not Andrew Creed.Three people have claimed to be Det. Andrew Creed.(This is a name used by BPD Intel Unit) His ability to fake a IP address would be childs play for him.RCN provides as many fake IPs as they need.Hyde Park home IP is a fake.The person claiming to be Det. Creed speaks Spanish and Italian and uses several IP addresses and names(Sometimes uses the name Steve Kenny). Often these posts are made to appear to be from the BPD IP during the day and from the residential IP late at night and in the early hours of the morning. This quite clearly makes it appear that "Creed" posts to the board while at "work" and at his home.This makes you think you found the rat ...TOO SIMPLE.This is RCN working with the BPD. Furthermore, after being called out on the board as a cop, the following post was made by "WesleyJ":

WesleyJ - 05/06/07 at 10:56 pm (
Actually unjackful, I'm new at this so I get the shittiest of 
assignments. Oh well, gotta pay ur dues.
Keegs - 06/01/07 at 02:46 am (
Nice Teat !

Now, as if this isn't enough, a new fictitious profile was created: [4] under the username "badl" and claiming to be Stephanie, a strong supporter of BADL and BADL4 codefendant. The one lone post made so far by this username concerns the Boston dates on the Shut Them Down HLS tour. [5] The post was commented on minutes later by "WesleyJ" and he holds the lone comment. A new IP addy is used here ( however, "Keegs" has recently been spotted posting with this IP [6]. This links all 3 fake profiles: "Keegs" "WesleyJ" and "badl" on the lemmingtrail board.This makes you think you dicovered something but its just more disinformation.This trail was to simple to find and follow. BPD used this project to add more people to the list.