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November 19

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November 19 (aka Have a Bad Day day [1]) is the 19th day in November.


1894 ― George Bernard Shaw writes to fledgling journalist R. E. Golding Bright: "You must give up detesting everything appertaining to Oscar Wilde or to anyone else. The critic's first duty is to admit with absolute respect, the right of every man to his own style." [2]

1915 ― IWW labor organizer, folk-poet Joe Hill murdered by firing squad in Utah. The subject of numerous songs, plays, and books. Some of his songs have been available continuously in the IWW's "Little Red Song Book," now in its 36th edition.

1916 ― 1.03 MILLION fatalities at the first battle of the Somme. This is during the "War to End All Wars".

1919 ― Brazil: In Sao Paulo, João Penteado, a teacher and anarchist militant, is ordered to close the Modern School n°1 — open since May 13, 1912 (founded by Neno Vasco, Edgard Leuenroth, Oreste Ristori, and Gigi Damiani) [3]

1936 ― Spain: This afternoon, Buenaventura Durruti is mortally wounded while helping to defend Madrid. [4]

1969 ― Italy: Avviso al proletario italiano sulle possibilità presetni della rivoluzione sociale (Notice to the Italian Proletariat on Current Possibilities for Social Revolution), tract by the Italian section of the Situationist International, Milan. [5]

2007 — United States of America: Hack Fest! in San Francisco. [6]

2007 ― United States of America: Rathbones, after one demonstration out side their office in London, made the right decision and sold their 20,000 shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences. (today or a very recently)

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