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NYC random searches after 2001

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Suspicionless Checkpoints - Random Bag Searches

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"Since 9/11 we’ve all grown accustomed to security procedures that, 11 years ago, most of us would have considered unreasonable intrusions on our liberty and privacy, all in the name of safety. That, I think, is the real measure of what terrorism does to a free society. It’s not the bombs or the airplanes that hurt us most, but the gradual intrusions into personal freedom that are implemented in response to those threats. Little by little, the freedom of movement we once knew is being chipped away and, in the event that we ever again face a mass terrorist attack with catastrophic loss, the stage will have been set for a ramp up in “security procedures” that will make America an unrecognizable shell of its former self." - Wikipedia:User:DamionMC72 . Added by A

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4th Amendment Violations & Start Dates of Security Theater Metro Timelines[edit]

2 Jul 2004: MBTA Transit Police conducted random bag searches for a limited time before and during the Democratic National Convention in 2004 -MBTA Democratic Convention Bag Searches

21 July 2005: New York Starts to Inspect Bags on the Subways -NYPD Bag Searches

  • Paul J. Browne, deputy commissioner of the New York police, “We periodically find illegal weapons and drugs, but we have not uncovered explosives as part of a terrorist plot”

5 Oct 2006: MBTA Security Inspections -MBTA Bag Searches

14 Jun 2008: Los Angeles Metrolink abolishes the Fourth Amendment, begins bogus "random bag searches" -LA Metro Bag Searches

27 Oct 2008: Random Bag Searches on Metro -Metro Bag Searches

29 Apr 2009: TSA To Take Over Subway Bag Check From NYPD -TSA NYPD Bag Searches

  • city's overall budget cuts are apparently hitting the NYPD right in the subway bag check area. "Transportation Security Administration bag screeners from Kennedy, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty airports will be replacing most NYPD cops in the subway that screen bags for explosives." "About 30 TSA screeners a day will be pulled from the three area airports Monday through Friday to inspect bags at various subway locations throughout the city. At each location they'll be teamed up with one police officer instead of the two or three officers you currently see at inspection sites."

16 Dec 2010: Security Theater, D.C. Metro Edition -DC Metro Bag Searches

Making Commuters Less Safe[edit]

WMATA bag searches make transit less safe, not more

Court Cases Regarding Suspicionless Checkpoints - Random Bag Searches[edit]

MacWade v Kelly (NYPD)[edit]

Court finds random bag searches in NYC subway constitutional

City of Jersey City/PAPD v Cocchi[edit]

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