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List of professional editors who have edited Wikipedia

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List of professional editors who have edited Wikipedia

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This is a list of list of professional editors who have edited Wikipedia.

Editor Sex Lifespan Nationality User information Activity status
Wikipedia:Kurt Andersen M 1954– American Wikipedia:User:Kbanderson Inactive
Wikipedia:Joseph A. Cafasso M 1956– American Wikipedia:User:Peppetters
Wikipedia:Ramsey Campbell M 1946– English Wikipedia:User:Ramsey Campbell
Wikipedia:Kathryn Cramer F 1962– American Wikipedia:User:Pleasantville
Wikipedia:Mike Dash M 1963– Welsh Wikipedia:User:Mikedash
Wikipedia:brian d foy M American Wikipedia:User:Scarpia
Wikipedia:Henry Hardy M 1949– British Wikipedia:User:Henry Hardy
Wikipedia:Patrick Nielsen Hayden M 1959– American Wikipedia:User:Pnh
Wikipedia:Phil McMullen M British Wikipedia:User:Ptolemyphil
Wikipedia:Lambert Meertens M 1944– Dutch Wikipedia:User:Lambert Meertens
Wikipedia:Sheldon Rampton M 1957– American Wikipedia:User:Sheldon Rampton
Wikipedia:Jason Snell M 1970– American Wikipedia:User:Jsnell