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Gnutella - timeline

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1988/08 - Jarkko Oikarinen writes IRC which is based on Jyrki Kuoppala's rmsg, MultiUser Talk and Bitnet Relay Chat

1999/05 - Shawn Fanning, seeking to improve IRC-like file trading for mp3's, releases Napster to the public

1999/06 - Freenet released by Ian Clarke

Gnutella launched[edit]

2000/03/13 - Justin Frankel and Tom Pepper, of Winamp fame, seeking to create a system without Napster's centralization, release Gnutella; whose "fully distributed search system provides a useful searching capability without requiring a centralized search database".

2000/3/13 - First post regarding Gnutella appears on Usenet

2000/3/14 - Slashdot posts first story about Gnutella (version 0.48). Tom "NullsoftTom" Pepper posts that they weren't expecting to be Slashdotted and have closed the beta group but people are free to start their own private GnutellaNets, and that they were hanging out on Efnet's #gnutella

2000/03/15 - AOL shuts down Gnutella web site

2000/03/16 - Slashdot posts story about Gnutella shutdown. pops up.

2000/03/20 - According to the NY Times, deadbeef (Justin) was on IRC answering technical questions about Gnutella.

2000/03/21 - Slashdot posts link to . Efnet's #gnutelladev mentioned.

2000/03/27 - Slashdot links to Cap'n Bry's search tool. Comments link to his Gnutella protocol reverse engineering and to Nerdherd's Gnutella development efforts. Link to gnut in comments section.

2000/04/03 - Slashdot says that Nerdherd has released Gnutella v.056 (3-4 days after it comes out). Also link to . Someone posts a comment saying that gnut is quite good

2000/04/10 - According to Gnubile release notes, Gnubile 0.10 pre-release (later ported to Gnucleus, which is re-written from a C GTK-oriented program to a C++ Windows MFC oriented one)

2000/04/16 - According to GTK-Gnutella notes, first release of GTK-Gnutella

2000/10 - Kazaa, with a FastTrack backend, launched

2000/11/03 - Limewire and mentioned on Usenet for first time -

2000/12/04 - Bearshare released - Bearshare press release to Usenet:

2001/03/05 - Napster begins filtering its network

2001/08 - Xolox 1.0 released, segmented concurrent downloading.

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