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Georg Kreisler:We are all terrorists

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Georg Kreisler - We are all terrorists[edit]

We are all terrorists

We are all, all, all terrorists.
In whole Germany lives not one democrat.
We are terrorists against women,
against the children, who trust us,
but not one against the state.

The most already scream early at morning: Man, what’s up?
Why nothing works? Isn’t there anyone moving?
We are terrorists against love,
against the bums, against the thieves,
but not one against the state.
Although the state is the biggest evil,
which since centuries corrupts the humans;
and every single one of us is only a plug
in which the state chops its nail of omnipotence.

And finally the state makes us to terrorists,
because we are its citizens and its product.
We become terrorists against silence,
against abortion, against the Pill,
against gays, because it isn’t too bad about them –
but not one against the state.

Do you know what it means: superintendent?
Do you know what it means: infantry regiment?
What means commissioner, cabinet, Federal Chancellor? Power it means!
What means parliament or major? Always to take care it means!
Others decide on, whether you die or live;
others decide, what you think and for what you seek -

And they appoint you to a state terrorist.
You get a title and a certificate.
Then you are a strong man and away with the poor men.
Furthermore you say: What can I do?
I cannot live without the state!

So you live with the state that’s more comfortable.
You learn the anthem and „Badenweiler March“.
You become a clerk, employer, worker,
You retire and think: Well, bite me!

Yes, we are all, all, all terrorists.
We just call it different – and that’s the problem.
But we are terrorists against life,
against dreaming, muddling through and floating,
against poets and against fools,
against singer and their guitars,
against sex, against all and nothing,
but something is always happening, because otherwise it gets boring,
But against one not: against the state.