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Flame (porn star)

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Flame (born Alicia Vickers on 1972 March 30) is an American pornstar and a bondage model. Flame is an aptly named red head who grew up in Texas. She began topless dancing at age 16. She married the brother of fellow porn star Raven on March 5 1995.

Flame began her adult film career in 1991. Due to her young-looking appearance and uncertainty over her birthdate, there were long-standing rumors that at least a few of her films were made prior to her 18th birthday; these were debunked when it was established that she was of legal age when she made her first films.

She was best known for her lesbian scenes, as well as her scenes depicting double penetration.

Partial filmography[edit]

  • Amateur Lesbians 20 (1992)
  • Amateur Lesbians 5 (1991)
  • Anal Inferno (1992)
  • Battle Of The Superstars (1993)
  • Battlin' Beauties (1998)
  • Best Of Flame (1994)

External links[edit]

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