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December 4

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December 4 is the 4th day in December.


1847 -- France: During this month Bakunin is expelled from the country & moves to Brussels where he meets Karl Marx again. His expulsion is contested in the French parliament.

1878 -- Spain: Execution of Juan Oliva Moncasi, a young worker who attempted to kill King Alphonse XII in October & refused a commutation of his death sentence.

1892 -- US: Anarchist protest of government anti-immigration legislation, in Manhattan.

1893 -- England: Herbert Read lives. English poet, art critic, anarchist, political philosopher, man of letters, assistant conservator of Victoria & Albert Museum of London, professor of fine arts in Edinburgh & various English universities.

He accepted a knighthood which caused much consternation & ridicule midst the anarchist movement

1912 -- USA: German fleet sinks American ships in Honolulu — war declared between US & Germany...

1914 -- The anarchst Emiliano Zapata meets with Pancho Villa & they agree to join forces to occupy Mexico City two days later.

"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees."

The insurgent peasant army of the South (Zapatistas) & the northern brigades of cowboys, bandits, wobblies & adventurists give damn good meeting.

1935 -- Switzerland: In Geneva, anarchists begin destroying slum housing, smashing windows & tearing up roofs this evening.

1952 -- Italy: Giuseppe Monanni (b. 1887) dies.

1958 -- France: Internationale Situationniste #2 is published during this month.

1971 -- Germany: Attack on Anarchist Black Cross extends to Germany, where Georg Von Rauch is shot dead by armed political police in West Berlin.

1973 -- US: Chicago Seven, & their attorney, found guilty of contempt charges.

"When I appear in the Chicago courtroom... I want to
be tried not because I support the [Vietnamese
communist] National Liberation Front — which I do —
but because I have long hair... Finally, I want to be
tried for having a good time & not for being serious."
— Abbie Hoffman

1998 -- US: Longtime Chicago poet, pacifist & anarchist Joffre Stewart reads his poetry at the eMergence gathering of Beat, artist, street culture in Chicago.

1999 -- US: WTO meetings conclude, in Seattle, Washington — or what's left of it.

2003 -- New Zealand: Anarchist Teaparty National Symposium. Near Wanganui, Aotearoa (-7th).

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