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Data haven

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A data haven is a computer or a network that holds data protected from government action by both technical means (encryption) and location in a country that has either no laws, or poorly-enforced laws restricting use of data and no extradition treaties. HavenCo (centralized) and Freenet (decentralized) are two models of modern-day data havens.

Purposes of data havens[edit]

Reasons for establishing data havens include access to free political speech for users in countries where censorship of the Internet is practiced.

Other reasons can include:

While it has been claimed by some advocates of data havens that they should not be used to facilitate spam, terrorism or child pornography, others seek data havens for these very purposes.

Origin of the term[edit]

This term was coined by Bruce Sterling in his 1988 novel Islands in the Net. The "modern-day" segments of Neal Stephenson's 1999 novel Cryptonomicon concern a small group of entrepreneurs attempting to create a data haven.

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