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Chloe (porn star)

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Chloe is the stage name used by veteran American adult film actress, nude model, script writer and director Chloe Hoffman.


Chloe was born 1971 November 14 in Thousand Oaks, California. She is of Italian and Irish descent and was raised Catholic. She is the sister of fellow porn/bondage actress Cleo Nicole (both appear in the film I Came, Did You?!! (2000). She's described herself as having been an over-imaginative child, with more imaginary friends than real ones. She practiced classical ballet from age 6 well into her teens and dreamed of one day becoming a professional ballerina.

According to press releases, a childhood accident rendered her numb from clitoral stimulation. In an audio commentary for The Pushover (1999), director Jayce Rocker elaborated that at an early age the actress lost her footing while walking on a set of monkey bars and the subsequent landing irreperably damaged the nerves in her clitoris, rendering the organ numb. He attributes this as the likely cause of her vaginal and anal supersensitivity; mass-penetration scenarios with explosive climaxes have since become her trademark.[unverified]

Then at the age of 18 she moved to Riverside, California. She worked as a dental assistant and later as a waitress, eventually becoming a roadie for the band Poison. Her boyfriend at the time introduced her to the adult film industry.

Adult film[edit]

Chloe began her adult career in 1995. Early on she appeared in mostly Gonzo hardcore movies. In 2001 Chloe signed an exclusive contract with the adult film company VCA Pictures.

Chloe is involved with the Los Angeles Needle Exchange, a program designed to combat the spread of AIDS and other diseases by providing IV drug users with clean hypodermic needles, as well as offering support and referral to support groups and drug rehabilitation programs. She is also involved with the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), an organization that provides testing and treatment for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

She has a few adult novelty toy lines which she endorses, the most noted is a toy called, The Fist of Fury. It was molded from Chloe's closed fist and forearm.

In 2003 Chloe hosted the 20th Annual Adult Video News (AVN) AVN Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. A multiple AVN Award winner herself, she has also appeared in several cable movies and specials on MTV, VH-1, and Showtime. She boasts a filmography of over 400 movies.

Chloe sings in a song called Harder by Sabateur. It is available on the compilation CD Porn To Rock, an album of tracks which feature porn stars.

She also stars and sings in the adult film "Veronica Hart's Misty Beethoven: The Musical", a musical remake of Henry Paris' famous 1976 adult film The Opening of Misty Beethoven.

Selected Filmography[edit]

Over 170 movies, including:

  • Misty Beethoven: The Musical - 2004
  • Broad Strokes - 2002
  • Pleasures of Sin - 2001
  • Scandal: Body of Love - 2000
  • Time Demon - 1996
  • Waiting - 1991


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