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Catherine Tramell

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Catherine Tramell is the female protagonist in the film Basic Instinct (1992) and its sequel, Basic Instinct 2 (2006). She is played by Sharon Stone in both films.


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Born circa 1961 to Marvin and Elaine Tramell, her parents were killed in a boating accident in 1979, leaving her with $110 million. It´s very probable that she killed them, because it happened exactly like one of her novels ("My first time") and this is her modus operandi.

She double-majored in psychology and literature at Berkeley, graduating magna cum laude in 1983, and quickly made millions by writing best-selling crime novels.

Tramell, an open bisexual, had many short-lived, empty affairs with people of both sexes, ending when she discarded them. She was engaged however to a middleweight boxer named Manuel 'Manny' Vásquez, who was killed in 1984 during a prizefight in Atlantic City. A brilliant, charismatic sociopath, she manipulated everyone around her, largely for her own amusement.

Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct 2 (Risk Addiction).

In the first film, Tramell was the suspect in the murder of her sometime boyfriend, Johnny Boz, which bore an almost identical resemblance to events in her latest book, Love Hurts, written under the pen name of Catherine Woolf. She charmed (and ultimately bedded) Detective Nick Curran, who was investigating the case, and "proved" her innocence, as the apparent murderer was revealed to be Curran's psychiatrist (and lover) Doctor Elisabeth 'Beth' Garner, who was revealed to be Tramell's lover in college. The ending is ultimately ambiguous, leading to many interpretations over who was truly the murderer.

It was rumored by the fans that she killed Nick Curran between the first and the second movie, but there aren´t any direct evidence mentioned on the sequel.

In the sequel Basic Instinct 2, Tramell ultimately escaped justice when her psychiatrist gave insufficient evidence at court. The police then proceeded to investigate her following several more murders. In the end, she escaped justice once again when the "real murderer", Dr. Glass, was apprehended for having shot the lead detective, Roy Washburn, in the line of duty. Her fate after that is unknown.


  • In Last Action Hero, Sharon Stone reprises her role playing an alternate Catherine Tramell.
  • Prior to Wrestlemania 21, WWE aired a parody of the famous interrogation scene from the first film with Stacy Keibler playing the role of Catherine Tramell.
  • A pedestrian in the video game GTA San Andreas resembles Catherine Tramell, wearing a white dress and similar haircut like the interrogation scene in Basic Instinct. Note that the game storyline also takes place in 1992.
  • Catherine Tramell's name bears a close resemblance to that of computer entrepreneur Jack Tramiel, who insisted his name was pronounced "Tra-mell" and not Tra-meal"?
  • In Basic Instinct 2, Dr. Glass reads a manuscript of Catherine's latest book, The Analyst. As he is reading, numerous parts of the manuscript flash on screen. During one of these flashes Catherine describes a lesbian lover that the main character of her book had in San Fransisco. The lover is described as Jealous and possessive. Could this be a reference to Catherine's dead girlfriend, Roxanne Hardy?


  1. Dr. Beth Garner
  2. Manuel 'Mannie' Vasquez, the boxer
  3. Roxanne 'Roxy' Hardy
  4. Johnny Boz
  5. Detective Nick Curran, San Francisco Police Department
  6. Kevin Franks, football player
  7. Adam Towers, investigative journalist[unverified]
  8. Dr. Michael Glass, Scotland Yard psychiatrist



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