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Ar-Raya Political Prisoner Coalition

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Ar-Raya Political Prisoners Coalition was established in response to the British Governments attempts to criminalise people and communities who are engaged in legitimate struggle to protect their homelands, religious and cultural identities.

Our aims are to establish the correct rights that prisoners of these struggles are due, in accordance with the Islamic rights which are specified in the Holy Qu'ran and Authentic Hadiths and are due to all, muslim or non-muslim.

These rights are :-

  1. The right of Political Prisoners to be held on their own wing in every jail that holds Political Prisoners.
  2. The end of Torture, Brutality and Excessive Force used during interrogations or as punishment, and to reaffirm the right to remain silent.
  3. To be provided with food compatible with their religious choice of equal standard to prison officers.
  4. The ending of rendition and deportation to allies of Britain who are hostile to Political Prisoners.
  5. The recognition by the British State of Political Prisoners of War currently incarcerated within their Jails, and the recognition of the prison of each Political Prisoners group.
  6. To be housed in prisons close to their families, and to be given at least one weekly visit.
  7. To allow learning materials, books, Cds, and other items to reach Political Prisoners unheeded in order for them to study their ideology or religion.
  8. Right to freely associate with other political prisoners, and end of 23-Hour Lockdowns currently in place for Political Prisoners.
  9. Right to refuse prison work.
  10. Right to their own clothes.
  11. To allow the election of a representative from each Political Prisoner group to be nominated, and recognition of this leadership by prison staff.

Though we do not necessarily agree with the causes that have caused incarceration, we agree wholeheartedly on their rights to be treated as political prisoners. Political Status is a right, not a Priviledge, and we will continue with our work until these demands are met.

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