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This page describes how one can help Anarchopedia to develop itself into a full blown Anarchist encyclopedia while at the same time building an anarchist community on the Internet.

I know how to use Wiki[edit]

If you know how to use Wiki already, because you have been active in Wikipedia, Wikinfo, Disinfopedia or any other wiki, then you will not find it hard to learn some of the technical differences. Here is a quick list to get you started.

  1. There are no moderators, since everybody can moderate.
  2. Names of articles are case sensitive.
  3. This is a social experiment.

I know how this community works[edit]

Then you already understand that we are all equal here, there are no moderators (or we are all moderators)... To get some hints as to how the technical aspect works check out Anarchopedia:create a new article.

Don't be afraid to edit, make mistakes and fix them. You will definitely hurt Anarchopedia if you don't even try. If you need help ask. You can leave a message here.

What to actually do[edit]

  1. Create an account or login
  2. You can start by clicking on Random page a couple of times just to see how articles are organised, and to get some ideas. If you find something that you can fix, be bold and go for it. But please don't simply remove content you disagree with, it's always better to add to an article than to remove stuff.
  3. Go to Wanted pages to see what pages are really needed by Anarchopedia, but only create those articles if you are going to write something on the subject. Rants are good, but if they are not on topic they get annoying and prevent others from contributing (once you create a rant, the page won't appear on the Wanted pages list, thus if somebody who would otherwise create a real page might not do that).
  4. If you see any red links on the pages, and you think that you can add some content on those pages, you probably can. It's as easy as clicking on those red links.
  5. Stubs are pages that are not quite mature enough to be considered full articles. You can search for stubs by going to Category:Stubs.
  6. You can also create some public domain images for Anarchopedia, and upload them by clicking Upload file. Please include {{public domain image}} to the image description, to indicate that you are in fact releasing it to public domain. Note: Most images you download from the Internet are not public domain, submitting them to Anarchopedia can only hurt us.
  7. You can check out which datadumps will help out the whole Anarchopedia community, and maybe join in on the project.