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Wikipedia contributors[edit]

Wikipedia's aim was for all material to be free. However, veritable wikilawyers have wormed their way into WP's process and sanctimoniously demanded rights for the editors to WP, resulting in a major shift in the way WP approaches copyright.

Anarchopedia takes every precaution to ensure that editors receive full attribution for their contributions; this usually requires no more than a link to an article using the Template:Wikipedia tag, or a link to the Articles for Deletion page for that article. It is preferred that editors add a list of Contributors for articles that are likely to be deleted on Wikipedia to the Talk page of the Anarchopedia article. However, this is obviously not very practical, as the outcome of AfD proceedings is not always a sure thing.

Likewise, space does not always permit the full listing of Contributions found in articles copied from Wikipedia, as they can grow to many thousands of edits.

In the end, Anarchopedia does not assume responsibility for Wikipedia removing easy access to said attribution. It should be noted, however, that if the article is deleted, the edit history can be obtained from Wikipedia upon request.


Academia and contributions[edit]

Wikipedia fails to recognize the long-standing right to quote short passages of a work. In fact, Wikipedia fails its responsibility to not misrepresent the nature of works when it paraphrases and summarizes them as a matter of course. Everywhere else in academic circles, and indeed on the Commons, with respect to image files, this responsibility is taken quite seriously.

Consequently, academic contributions are always first removed from Wikipedia[1] by overzealous "anti-plagiarists",[2] and only those academics who are persistent enough to learn and emulate WP's irresponsible ways contribute.

This brain drain problem is exacerbated by the additional deviation from the standard academic practice of listing sources and then referring to them within the text with notes of the page numbers, although Wikipedia's version of citations is a practical solution with only the one problem and the alternative of academic practice is not obviously preferable.

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  1. Note the example of Origin of the Romanians
  2. Note the example of Literary sources for the origin of the Romanians, sources for which are quotations of 14th Century and earlier texts, and thus at least 500 years older than any material covered by US copyright law