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Alicia Reckzin

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Alicia Reckzin is a founder of Ottawa's Anti-Racist Action chapter. She was featured in the 1995 documentary Hearts of Hate.[1] In 1993 she was the victim of an assault led by neo-Nazi singer George Burdi. [2]. Burdi has since rejected racism[3].

More recently (2008), Reckzin has entered a relationship with neo-Nazi Kevin Goudreau (despite the fact that she is part Jewish he refers to her as his "Aryan goddess") and is friends with neo-Nazi Paul Fromm [4]

With profound sadness, the Canadian anti-fascist community announces the demise of Alicia Reckzin, former anti-fascist, SHARP and ARA affiliate. Alicia passed quietly into the Nazi world when she secretly began sleeping with a neo-Nazi named Kevin Goudreau. The relationship was made public on September 15, 2008, on her Facebook profile, following months of deception and attempted infiltration into anti-fascist circles.
Alicia has gone to great lengths to make herself known as an anti-racist activist and frequently cites her history in SHARP and ARA, her appearance in the Hearts of Hate documentary and her assault at the hands of George Burdi as evidence of her veteran status in the movement.
Mr. Goudreau is a hardline white supremacist who has affiliated himself with the defunct Heritage Front organization, Paul Fromm, and other Canadian neo-Nazi groups and individuals, although largely ignored and rejected by the aforementioned. He is currently attempting to build his non-existent Nazi career with the loving help of Alicia, who has provided him with information about her anti-fascist contacts. Together they are now administrators at the Euro-Nationalists Association, a Nazi group on Facebook.
Alicia is survived by the anti-fascist family. She will not be missed.
In lieu of flowers we ask that you delete Alicia from your contacts, ban her from your groups, warn other anti-fascists about her defection, and in general avoid any connection with her.[5]

Goudreau has since stopped dating Reckzin.


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