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Action for our Planet (AFOP) is an animal and human rights advocacy Wikipedia:organisation based predominantly online[1]. Founded in 2009 by Wikipedia:animal and Wikipedia:human rights advocate Oli Dillon Squire [2][3], AFOP has quickly risen to become a premier source for information on world issues. Some of the issues covered by AFOP include Wikipedia:cruelty to animals, Wikipedia:human rights, Wikipedia:climate change and Wikipedia:political corruption.

Philosophy and activism[edit]

AFOP opposes the exploitation of all humans and animals and campaigns to raise awareness of suffering, cruelty and inequality. In 2010, the organisation managed to persuade three retailers to stop selling Wikipedia:Foie Gras[4][5], the fatty liver of ducks and geese.

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With a combination of both online and offline campaigning, AFOP urges important decision makers to enact change to improve the lives of animals and humans. In January 2011, AFOP submitted evidence to the United Kingdom's Parliamentary Science Committee in opposition to the proposed building of the Wikipedia:UKCMRI laboratory in Camden, London[6]. In February 2011, the organisation campaigned against fashion giant Wikipedia:LVMH to persuade them to stop using animal Wikipedia:fur[7][8][9][10][11]. The organisation has also campaigned to stop the Wikipedia:Nova Scotia Wikipedia:seal hunt in Wikipedia:Canada[12] by sending over 2000 emails to the Wikipedia:Premier and Wikipedia:Lieutenant Governor of the Canadian province[13]. Canadian Senator Wikipedia:Mac Harb offered his thanks to the organisation for the campaign.

According to Action for our Planet’s website, the organisation ‘‘does not want to force specific views on to others, it merely presents the issues and combines this information with plausible solutions for change.’’[14]


Action for our Planet has a large online presence on the social networking site Wikipedia:Twitter[15] and has celebrity supporters including Wikipedia:Heather Mills and Wikipedia:The Barbi Twins.


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