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Abu Ubaydh Al Tunisi

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Abu Ubaydh Al Tunisi

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Abu Ubaydh Al Tunisis (died 2008|09|17) is a citizen of Wikipedia:Tunisia reported to be a high value target.[1]


The Wikipedia:United States reported, in September 2009, that they believed he had been killed by a missile launched from a Wikipedia:Predator UAV in Pakistan's border region that killed 4 to 6 other men on September 17, 2008.[2][3][4]

He is believed to have been a foreign volunteer who fought beside Afghan militia forces, who were resisting the Wikipedia:Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s.[1][2]

The missile attack where he was killed was reported around the world, when it occurred.[5][6][7]

A September 2009 survey of 30 Taliban and al Qaeda leaders killed in Pakistan by missile strikes in 2008 and 2009, published by Wikipedia:The Long War Journal, distinguished between high-level leaders and mid-level leaders, characterizing Abu Ubaydah Al Tunisi as one of the 16 mid-level leaders killed during that period.[2] The Wikipedia:NEFA Foundation, on the other hand, characterized him as a member of “Core al Qaeda”.[8]


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