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==See Also==
* [[anarchist black cross]]
* [[Anarchist Black Cross Network]]
* [[prison abolition movement]]
* [[Anthony Rayson]]
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[[Category:Prison abolition]]

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South Chicago ABC Zine Distro is an anarchist black cross, member of Anarchist Black Cross Network, providing prisoners with free literature consisting of many zines and pamphlets, written by Anthony Rayson (founder and runner of South Chicago ABC Zine Distro) as well as by prisoners and other activists.

Mission statement[edit]

This distro is an anarchist-driven source of free skool education. We strive to write, collect, edit, publish and distribute the most useful and empowering information on a wide range of subjects, with a primary focus on the Amerikan gulags. We believe strongly in solidarity and mutual aid and work closely with many conscious prisoners who have important things to say, regardless of their political affiliation. These materials (zines) are completely @nticopyright and offered freely to indigent prisoners and others. We encourage people to reprint anything offered by us and help spread the serious truth about our locked down world. Genuine awareness leads to positive action. Each one, teach one!

Contact details[edit]

PO Box 721
Homewood, IL 60430

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