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i think that this article is invalid - Albert Jay Nock wasn`t anarchist. rightist georgeist - maybe, but not anarchist. it is true, tha he wrote some warm words about anarchism, but it is not the same

and agaist politics isn`t anarcho-individualistic. this site is anarchocapitalistical site. i don't deny (as most colectivist and communist do) taha anarchocapitalism is anarchism - i deny, that anarchocapitalism is anarchoindividualism. they are difrent, mainly cultural, but that cultural diference is very important

jaÅ› skoczowski - @individualist from Poland

Shouldn't this subject be called 'Individualist Anarchism'? A Google search for 'anarcho-individualism' gave 1110 results a search for 'Individualist Anarchism' gave 48,700 results. It would seem that 'Individualist Anarchism' is the more usual term.

'Anarcho-Capitalism' is not regarded as anarchism by most anarchists. Its rejection of Socialism, the 'labour theory of value' and its position of absolute property rights seem to disqualify it. Tucker explicitly stated that he was a socialist. Individual Anarchism seems to be best described as a tendency within mutualism. The cooperative nature of mutualism was emphasised by European mutualists while the Americans emphasis was towards the individualist side.

The only people who seem to regard 'anarcho-capitalism' as anarchism are anarcho-capitalists! The reason for which seems to be to give legitimacy to their own views.


I think that the references to "Libertarian Socialism" should be removed entirely from the Individualist Anarchists and Private Property section. All anarchists (with the exception of anarcho-capitalists, if they are anarchists at all) are libertarian socialists and there is no inherent dispute between the positions of individualist anarchism and libertarian socialism.

Sturkster 15:26, 16 June 2006 (UTC)

There are some who say that all anarchists are anarcho-communists personally, while others will say that all are anarcho-primitivists, you can't generalise the whole movement like that.  ~ Beta_M (VolodyA! V Anarhist) Talk 09:15