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GNU/Linux is a Unix-like operating system composed of the Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds and the GNU userland as well as any other programs that organizations and individuals choose to distribute the operating system with. It should be noted that "Linux" is really just a kernel rather than an operating system. There is no single GNU/Linux operating system, but rather distributions (aka "distros") of GNU/Linux that are created and maintained by many different organizations and individuals. Some popular distributions of GNU/Linux are Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Gentoo, and Slackware.

GNU/Linux is free software. Most distributions are free to use, modify, and redistribute without restrictions other than those set forth in the GPL (such as the requirement to keep it free software). Many promote the use of Linux over proprietary operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS because of it's technical superiority (security, reliability) and freedom.

Some argue that the free software movement that drives the development of GNU/Linux distributions is anarchist in nature.

Anarchist Linux distributions[edit]

There is no "Anarchy" driven distribution of Linux. Rather, one must use the guide lines of anarchy and/or the guide lines of crypto-anarchy when seeking to apply said principles to their everyday life. The criteria is large but can be done. You may notice this in select distributions of Linux.

Based off the principles of crypto-anarchy

Based off the principles of the political anarchy

List of distributions that have anarchist principles in mind, but are a work in progress

Corporate Linux distributions[edit]

  • Mandriva is created and maintained by Mandriva S.A., a publicly traded software company.
  • Fedora is sponsored and partially controlled by Red Hat Inc., a publicly traded software company.
  • Ubuntu is sponsored by Canonical Ltd., a private company.
  • OpenSuse is sponsored by Novell Inc., a global software corporation.


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