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Older (outdated) userpage

Contact information[edit]

e-mail via Anarchopedia

other contact information (e-mail, home address, phone no.) available on request.



Multilicensing: in addition to the default license of this website (GNU FDL), I additionally release all my contributions until now (October 2007) with the following licenses (you can choose):

  1. the Copyzero license
  2. CC-by-sa (Creative Commons, attribution and share-alike)
  3. CC-nc-by-sa (Creative Commons, non-commercial, attribution and share-alike)
  4. with the following anti-license notice:
    You are invited to copy, modify, distribute this or any derived Work, to keep this note and references to the Authors, and to permit access to the Work in original or derived form

This should make it easier to share content with other copyleft projects

(other) projects[edit]