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Moravané Template:Infobox political party

Moravané ("Moravians") is a small non-parliamentary political party in Moravia in the Czech Republic.


It arose in 2005 by the coalescence of older two regional parties: Hnutí samosprávné Moravy a Slezska – Moravské národní sjednocení ("The Movement of Autonomous

Moravia and Silesia – Moravian National Union") and Moravská demokratická strana ("Moravian Democratic Party"). The first chairman of the

party was engineer Pavel Dohnal, before 1989 a member of Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The party took part in nationwide parliamentary election (none

Moravian regional assembly exists) first time in June 2006 and won 0.23 % of popular votes in the whole Czech Republic. The party is member of the [[European Free

Alliance]]; there are also (from 2002) youth wing of the party named Mladí Moravané ("Young Moravians") – its member David Vejchoda was elected as the member of

the bureau of EFA Youth at the last assembly (held on the March 26, 2010 in Venice, Italy). Since March 2009 the party has

new leader: entrepreneur Jiří Novotný.


The main goal of the party is defined (by the statute) as follows: On the principle of the right of self-determination of the Moravian nation the party Moravané

aims at the independence of Moravia by restoration of Moravian legislative parliament within the territorial scope of the Moravian ecclesiastical

province.[1][2] The party is strongly decentralist and anti-Czech (Bohemian)

oriented; "Prague" (both the city and government) is blamed for "oppression of Moravian culture, traditions and language" and

for "pauperizing of Moravia".[3]

According to the party, the future of the Europe lies in dismantling present European national states and establishing old historical regions as the autonomous



At present time the party is developing the numerous open air actions, meetings and be-ins, e.g. "candle marches" (founded at 2005) in Brno and Olomouc,

"pilgrimages to the Morava river spring", demonstrations against "Czechization" etc.

During last "candle march" (February 27, 2010) about 40 party members decorated with numerous Moravian flags had gone through the historical part of Brno to the

ancient House of Moravian Diet and the Moravian Square. At the first stop of the parade at the historical House of Moravian Diet party leader –

among others – said: "This house as well as all other property of the Margraviate of Moravia was stolen by Czechoslovakia and is still occupied by the

office of the foreign nation (i.e. Czechs) as Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic. It is a dispossession!" (The march evoked negative reactions of onlookers

and finally was stopped by the police.)[4]

On July 25, 2010 the party stalwarts participated in a manifestation in Moravský Krumlov to secure collection of paintings of Alfons Mucha named The Slav

Epic against returning them to Prague.


  1. Administrative division of present Czechia doesn't respect the traditional border of Moravia (& Bohemia or Czech Silesia) so only the Roman Catholic Church preserves it in its provinces
  3. Some examples of such statements can be seen in the party's election spots: [ Vote No. 16] (elections 2009) or The Moravian Truth and Czech/Bohemian Lie (both in Czech)
  4. Šenkýř, Miloš (February 27, 2010). [ c=A100227_175211_ln_domov_ter "Moravané ke "své" sněmovně nesměli. Prohlásili ji za ukradenou [Moravians were not allowed to "their" Diet House. They declared it to be stolen]"] (in Czech). Lidové noviny (Prague). c=A100227_175211_ln_domov_ter. Retrieved October 21, 2010. </li> </ol>

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