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This is a copy of the homepage of The Hidden Wiki in the Tor network, including several links to hidden services. Useful while the Hidden Wiki is down.

The Hidden Wiki

This WikiWikiWeb is an example of a location hidden service using Tor's rendezvous point system.

Please help save Tor. If you have broadband in both directions, it's easy to run a Tor server. If you don't have a fat pipe, encourage others to run their own servers. (Xenobite's node list; Number of Running Tor routers, image heavy)

Points of interest include: TorSetup, QuestionsAndAnswers, WikiMessages, TorizensEmailAddr, FileLinks, and BugMeNot.

Useful discussions: HiddenServiceIdeaPage, LegitimateUses, EmailRecipientAnonymity.

  • PreventWorldWarStartCoding
    • FreeMarketForYou
    • LongTermGoals
    • DigitalMoneySupply
    • AnonymousCurrency
    • AnonymousVsDebasementControl

Tor News

Please move old or obsolete news to OldNews

Links to hidden services

Index Wikis

Chat (The best places to meet your fellow torizens)

The main meeting places on each of these networks are "#tor" or "tor".


  • SILC
  • Hidden Servers that are only on Tor
    • silc://ezrblwfyoyl24dar.onion - The Monastic Order of Chaos SILC server.
  • IM
    • irc://2uqqegdqdrw2mlit.onion 6667 - This is a Bitlbee IRC gateway for ICQ, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, Jabber etc. It gives you MSN, ICQ etc. in a "control channel" in your IRC channel and makes your contacts (on all the IM networks) appear as normal nicknames.

Forums and BBS



Storage space

  • Rapid Share - up to 300 MB per file, split archives allowed
  • "Rapid Share" currently uses Javascript to delay providing the link. To bypass it, simply cut and paste the direct link to the file from the source. Instead of making protests on the Hidden Wiki, please ask the site's admin to remove the Javascript requirement.
  • borgx's "Xrek"
  • Zipfile.onion - was on the i2p network. But the box didn't java too well so moved to onion land.
  • Freenet (Need Tor address)
  • Data-Bay - a platform for trading files

File transfer

  • Torward - a direct transfer application for Tor.


  • Xrek Mail email service (POP3/SMTP/IMAP/WebMail)
  • contact form - for mailing users on borgx's "Xrek"
  • EmailRecipientAnonymity - a gateway for receiving mail anonymously, with caveats
  • onionforum allows private messaging between account holders.
  • EximAndTorHowto - copied from Tormail (don't use this, see below for a 'working' setup instead.)
  • TorizensEmailAddr - directory of email addresses - please add yours here
  • Tor to Internet Email Gateway / Internet to Tor Gateway - 3f6jrvh7jobxpypc.onion heavy anti-spam rules. (15 Jan 2007). see [7] for more details. (Send mail to any Hidden SMTP TOR server from the internet and send Email from any TOR Client/Server to the internet) Rules and config information [8]


  • Note there are two shellservers now with guest accounts. Please spread, don't flock all to one. Sandra has less users and is a faster machine. Of course, you're welcome to register on both. -cone
  • http://743eaqv4t5vojk2u.onion/ - Sandra, provides ssh services to Torland (faster, rly).
    • login: guest:FrEestuff
    • Sandra is one year old within a month. An upgrade and some downtime is to be expected. Come to ORC and tell me what would make Sandra better for you, best ideas will be done.
  • http://yeeshafbtyf7aipe.onion/ - Yeesha, provides ssh services to Torland (VIA Samuel 2 "CentaurHauls" 533 MHz). Back Online for Test Run
    • login: anonymous:yeeshaiscute
    • Bebop announces an experimental Blog (RSS) on Yeesha-related developements
  • The admins (Sandra: Akatemik, Yeesha: Bebop, cone, XMA2: banshee) are catchable on ORC.
    • Both Sandra and Yeesha now have rsync installed, so you can play with that.
    • Remember to check the address and not blindly just use these links. There has been an attack on the wiki that modified links and connecting to an unknown shellserver is a fast way to lose control of your password.
    • TorifyVnc for logging into Yeesha (or any VNC-capable boxn) over SHH+Tor. Slow, but owns. Personal account strongly recommended for security concerns.
  • https://udomkphkit27zfwo.onion/ - CAEthaver2, provides ssh services to Torland users with accounts (guest account can only chat).
    • guest chat login: guest:guest port 20
    • normal shell login: username:passwort port 22


Multi-User Dungeon



PuTTY is a great client with socks4a/socks5 support

Onion name mapping

Key server




  • [9] - This web page contains links to Christian web sites, I have realized it in the hope that it will be useful for all censored Christians.

Audio, Video, etc.

Leaked! - ZyprexaScandal

The Zyprexa Memos

Controversial contents


Other Stuff

  • http://kxwgnlghk3xdaxye.onion/ - EFF Tor T-Shirt info (for operators of exit nodes) (hope they have some shirts left :) ) (I seem to recall cable pirates getting busted with a similiar scam back in the 1980's...)
  • http://lnuj2m462kitxoy4.onion/ - Personal page. Contains a method for forcing IRC clients to send a spoofed hostname on server logon.
  • http://gxwm6vv36izmblmv.onion - Onion Security Site. Information about encryption, security and anonynimity. Right now it lists some useful software, with more information comming soon. (down 10/28/06)
  • http://r5bf7clrpuv6q5lg.onion/ - FnordPrefect's Lair. Currently has a D.O.P.E repository (Drop-Off Point with [client side javascript] Encryption See, FAQ), a collection of mnemonics for .onion urls (contributions are welcome), and various bits and pieces (from code to political blurbs. See wiki front page for info about my latest follies).

Tor-ready Web Services

These are sites and services on the normal Internet which are Tor-ready. This means that they are available both as a normal service and as a hidden Tor service. This is good because these sites would still be available using Tor if they were for some reason to be censored on the "normal" Internet.