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File:250px-Macedonia ethnic2002 03.png
Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia, according to the 2002 census
File:618px-Albanians in macedonia2002 03.png
Albanians in the Republic of FYROM, according to the 2002 census

Ilirida or Illyrida is unofficial region in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia, with a considerable number of Albanian populaton. s we know Albanians in Macedonia are giving this name to schools and other buildings. But for Albanians this region is called Ilirida or Illyrida of course in country . Albanians also want west part of Macedonia to be included in Albania or Illyria. But the sources are saying that this Albanians in the region of Ilirida or is from Kosovo , who camed in the early 90's when Republic of Kosovo was in war.


On March 24, 1990, in the village of Å ipkovica near Tetovo, several ethnic Albanian political activists declared the political autonomy in the form of an autonomous state called Ilirida. Template:Verify credibility. The declaration had only symbolic meaning and the idea of an autonomous state of Ilirida is not officially accepted by the ethnic Albanian politicians in the Republic of Macedonia.

On August 13 2001 the leaders of the most relevant Macedonian parties signed the Ohrid Agreement, which ended the clashes between the regular Macedonian forces and the Albanian rebels from the National Liberation Army, which was, according to the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT) of the United States (US), not an army but rather a loosely-organized terrorist group which calls for the unification of ethnic Albanian areas of the Western Balkans.[1]. With the Ohrid Agreement, the Macedonian government pledged to improve the rights of the Albanian population, that makes up 25.3 percent of the population. Those rights include improvements of the status of the Albanian language, increasing the participation of ethnic Albanians in government institutions, police and army and a new model of decentralization. The leaders of the National Liberation Army agreed to give up any separatist demands, to fully recognise all Macedonian institutions and disarm and hand over their weapons to a NATO force.


There are different views among Macedonian Albanians about borders and size of the proposed state. Some of them claim that Ilirida should include municipalities with Albanian majority, others claim that it also should include municipalities with Macedonian majority and large Albanian minority (this also include Skopje, the capital), while most extreme views claim that Ilirida should include 2/3 of the Republic of Macedonia.

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