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Heatwave Communist-Anarchist Federation

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Heatwave Communist-Anarchist Federation [1]

From the main page: The Heatwave CAF is an organization for people who think they have no future. This includes a lot of people, and we want these people to discover they are not, as Chomsky said, alone. There are people that work at jobs they despise, yet they work at them because they have no other option. There are people who feel like they will never live a life better than their parents, and it scares them. There are people who are studying hard in schools so that they can get better jobs, but they are starting to have their doubts about what the job market holds for them. There are people who are considering turning to crime because it offers more money and more leisure time, despite the moral implications. There are people who are sick and tired of being lied to by politicians, businessmen, corporate analysts, press agents and television commercials. The Heatwave CAF knows these people very well, we are these people.

To date there are two known collectives in the Heatwave Communist-Anarchist Federation, one collective in Dallas, Texas and another in The Colony, Texas. [1] The Photos found below were taken in The Colony, Texas.

Photos: [2], [3]


[1]From "The official Heatwave CAF website" states that the mailing adress for Heatwave is

"Heatwave P.O. Box 702272 Dallas, TX 75370"

From "The official website for Heatwave CAF in The Colony, Texas" states that

"We are centered in The Colony, Texas which is north of Dallas. Heatwave CAF was officially founded in The Colony on July 22nd 2009" []