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Coalition to Save the Preserves

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Coalition to Save the Preserves was a name chosen in 2002 by Mark Sands to cover up his arson of a building that he did not want in his area by portraying it as Propaganda of the deed (or more specifically, 'eco-terrorism').[1]

The fact that Sands had been perpetrating a hoax, however dangerous a hoax, never seemed to fully sink into the minds of some US. security agency employees, and most likely others decided it would be expedient to ignore this fact, and they have issued numerous lists of terrorists with the CtStP included:

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Sands portrayed the CSP as four mountain bikers. He was caught using DNA evidence from saliva, and leaflets saying, "Thou shalt not desecrate God's creation".[1][2]

Understandably, Sands' Not In My Back Yard (NIMBY) activity was something of a threat to real direct action advocates, and Earth First!, with considerably fewer resources than the FBI or the later security agencies, was at the time, at pains to point out that it was not responsible for his activity[5]

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