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Coup d'état
Plural of Coup d'état, meaning 'stroke of state'. Therefore, strokes of state makes sense, but despite what Wiktionary says, stroke of states should only be used to describe what the US would like to have happen at the UN or some such

Coup d'état after late 1990 are Category:Illegal overthrow of governments, as defined by President George HW Bush when he decried Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait in terms of the big guy picking on the little guy (Friedman, Thomas L. Standoff in the Gulf; A Partial Pullout By Iraq is Feared as Deadline 'Ploy'.). Although the USA is responsible for the majority of illegal overthrows of governments, they are on record after that point as having agreed with what can objectively be seen as a second partitioning of the world, starting after World War II, which is only occasionally altered, within the interests of the larger nations (most notably the breakup of Eastern European nations in the 1990s).

The first partitioning was that of Financial partition, otherwise known as private property.

Before 1989, the definition is muddier. Anyone who wants to can call wars of conquest before that time, illegal overthrow, may do so, but there comes a point at which it becomes an anachronism, since no one called it that at the time. It was still morally wrong, just as slavery was morally wrong in the time of the Romans, but where it was always called slavery, the second partitioning (World partition) was not called that, or even recognizable by the whole world as such, during even the 19th Century, when the murderous rampage of invasion by Britain and Russia through the near east and eastern Europe was called The Great Game (WP).


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