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* [[Arch Linux]] -
* [[Arch Linux]] -
* [[Debian]] -
* [[Debian]] -
* [ Deli Linux] distribution for old computers, from 486 to Pentium MMX 166 or so.
* [ blag linux] (from brixton linux action group)
* [ blag linux] (from brixton linux action group)

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This page should constitute the idea of a distribution that still is to be built, named "Black Flag Linux". If you look at Linux distributions, you see that many try to be free. But often they are really not. This is a problem of how you define freedom. I think a distribution perfect for anarchist should define freedom from the anarchistic view. This in mind it should provide the following

  • provide free tools to ensure our freedom
    • encryption tools
    • file sharing tools
    • documents and files that provide information
    • tools to provide media from scratch (like internet radio, movies, graphics,...)
  • don't use software that supports capitalistic companies
  • be organized in an anarchistic mode, not semi-democratic (Debian - a representative democracy excluding end-users) or meritocratic (Fedora)
  • It should allow to use it independently (and not dependent from one company).
  • It would ne nice if it runs on old computers also (to reuse computer hardware)

What that means is:

  • There will probably never THE one distribution but rather cooperations between different projects.


It does not make much sense to start from scratch. So the question would be what base distribution one would choose. Possible choices

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